Experiments with Noösphere Grids

Experimenting with Noösphere compositions making use of a subset of my library of images appropriated from the sciences - images with multiple figures laid out in a square grid, i.e. example, below:


The image below is a 10 x 10 grid of 100 Noöspheres. Playing with overlap, layering and repetition. This isn’t a finished artwork, per se. - still working on it:

The following are just examples of cropped details of the grid, above:

Note that this is not how I’d composed the earlier “single frame” Noösphere collages. The grid puts strong limitations on compositional choice (although there’s still a bit of wiggle room). But it introduces more macroscopic choices in terms of selection of grids. It’s a challenge to make all the frames come together - they have a tendency toward hyperbolic growth.