So like what's up with the new site?

I am excited to announce the public launch of this new artist website.

For far too long I’ve been using a site I hand-coded over ten years ago, and, reading through it one day, I realized it was egregiously outdated in both form and content.

Screen cap of my old site, with images from my senior thesis show at Bard College.

Screen cap of my old site, with images from my senior thesis show at Bard College.

My practice has changed in ten years - like many people who set out to be artists, I now wear multiple hats. At first this was simply a strategy of staying afloat amidst the financial crisis and hostile takeover of the Bay Area which has squeezed out so many artists. But as I explored various roles - including running a gallery, teaching, arts management, and legacy planning - I realized that I can make good use of my skills in this expanded field, and hopefully give something back to the community.

Throughout this time, I have strived to keep my practice alive. At times I’ve had to adapt to circumstances - much of my recent digital collage work was created because it’s more practical to hop on the computer after dishes and before bed than it is to start an ambitious, physically-demanding project. With a little help from my friends, I’m looking forward to the next ten years of productive work!

Symposium: Artist Legacy

In Fall 2017 I spoke at the UC Berkeley Art Alumni Group Symposium about my experience working with artist and UC Berkeley alumna (MA 1949) Sonya Rapoport (1923 - 2015) to inventory and place her archives at the Bancroft Library of Western Americana. After Sonya’s death, I became the Director of the Sonya Rapoport Legacy Trust, which serves to promote her artistic legacy.

I hope that my experience may be useful to other artists who are planning for the future of their work. Since this video was recorded, I have done extensive consulting with artists about estate planning and their artistic legacy. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with inquiries!