RELAY (2005)

This project takes the form of an installation of a series of 108 custom-framed paintings in glaze on tile.

The images in this work were generated via a participatory process modeled on the game "Telephone" a.k.a. "Whisper Down the Lane."

Starting from an original series of drawings, I first asked two participants to play a drawing game. One participant explained the drawing while their partner tried to draw it as best they could, without seeing the original. I then took the new drawing, and repeated the process with a new set of partners. I repeated this process of copying the copy twelve times, and repainted the images on tile.

Below are composite images of series of 12 tiles based on the same original, arranged left to right, like a book.

The composite image below consists of all of the original first generation drawings on the left and the final twelfth generation drawings on the right. See if you can match the drawings to their copies...

For example, original drawing "5” evolved into final drawing "B" (as seen in the image above). The answers are at the bottom of the page.

In a slot behind each tile was a card with the original sketches and text selected from recordings I made of the participants describing the drawings. The image below is a selection of one row of that text.

* Answers to "Quiz:" 1 = H, 2 = E, 3 = I, 4 = G, 5 = B, 6 = D, 7 = F, 8 = A, 9 = C.