Perceival (2007)

Perceival (2007) consists of an extensive series of paintings that depict an interrelated cosmology of form, a few hand-drawn experimental animations of some of the forms depicted in the paintings, and a website which asks people to contribute their interpretations.

The series of gouache paintings on 10'“ x 10” panel surfaced with glittery, mica-flecked paint depicts an interrelated series of images. Painted with a tiny brush.

Perceival Animations (2007)

These animations were hand drawn, set to original music and foley, and uploaded in order to initiate an experiment into the nature of interpretation.

The videos urge the viewers to visit the website, which is defunct but still available.

The comments about the animation on the website led to a collection of interpretative texts for each of the pieces. The following is a collection of interpretations of Perceival PCHP (above):

Ticking bomb in my had.

a sacred relic of the present in the future. the rediscovery of glow-in-the-dark sidewalk chalk, having invented robots and forgotten fun. glow-lovers willingly cut off their hands and replace them with detachable, remotely-controlled ones made of nanoparticles in order to sneak in and steal the chalk from its protective chamber, but they always replace it when they're done.

I mind balloon morpher of hand fudge and universally inclined people who speak to much. When the rod is removes the babbling voice of earth shut up. This can only be done certain days though.

After man has discovered how to manufacture intelligent life, we begin breeding new species genetically composed to do little other than naturally produce the long anticipated drug (in the form of a glowing stick) that when consumed, allows the subject to see through girls' clothes, Finally.

There was some swelling and then some screwing and then some gurgling while the rod was vibrating the hole and finally there was withdrawal of the rod , so from these observations ,I would say that it's an abstract and subtle message of the implications of fractal geometry on the hidden depths of the psyche.-

It's a candy machine from the future where the only flavor we can taste is Radioactivity. It takes a little while to prepare the candy, and when it is ready the balloon comes out and begins to pulse to signal that it's done, adn then the top pops up and you can grab it. When there is new candy you have to wait until it cools a little bit before you can take it, but it's very delicious so everybody usually burns their fingers a little from not waiting long enough. Obviously they should have made the machine so it doesn't pop up until the candy is cool enough to touch.

Chewing gum always did hurt my jaws. I remember how pleased I was when you brought this new invention of yours to the beach house in Milan. That was a sweet weekend with all of our gum being chewed by the machine. And adding a tootsie roll dispenser was genius. You know I love the tootsie rolls.

this is what goes on in the mind of someone who changes fuel rods in a nuclear reactor in a really budget nuclear reactor where they just do it with thier bare hands. two nice even relax. then the preparation begins to open up the container where the fuel rods are stored. then they put thier hand in...hesitate for a second...grab the radioactive material with thier bare hands, pull it out and get it on out of there. then a sigh...phew....didnt completely die that time...that was CLOSE....close that baby up....on to the next one.

it is laying in bed, about to go to sleep, and getting a brilliant idea; however, being too tired to get up and record the idea, the ethereal hand of sleep snatches the idea away never to be seen again.

The question "What is it?" requires the viewer to engage in the basic interpretive act - to look and mentally identify what she is looking at. To convert this mental identification into language adds a layer of complication to cognitive act. More than any conclusion about the differences or similarities among the resulting texts, what struck me is that they aim to entertain, convince, and impress; even when asked to consider one's own individual conscious experience, the result is a product that has a socialization function.

Perceival Sketches (2007)